The Amrit Kunja Organic Permaculture Farm (A.K.O.P.F) was started 1987 AD by my parents Surya Mohan Bastola and Sita Devi Bastola. We are the first black pepper producing farm in the Western Development Region, Nepal. Besides being a highly renowned cooking spice, organic pepper has a multitude of medicinal benefits.

The Black Pepper or Piper Nigrum plant of the family Piperaceae is a perennial vine and climber that requires supporting trees or pole to grow. In our farm, you will witness hundreds of black pepper vines climbing their way up the variety of tres in a harmonious symbiosis. We preserve more than 600 types of medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and our farm spread in many acres land. Besides all crop, the top most crop of our farm is black pepper. We produced around 200 kg organic black pepper every year and sell in the local market. It is widely used as a spice and as a medicine all around the world. The pepper plant begins producing small round berries after about three years of plantation. It can reach heights of many meters by its aerial roots. Its flowers are slander, dense spikes with about 50 blossoms each. The fruits are green and when they begin to turn the red the fruits are ready to harvest. They are spread out to dry in the sun for couple of days. Black pepper has disease preventing and health promoting properties. Black peppers has significant role in fighting fat deposition, anti cancer effect, anti oxidation effect, anti bacterial activity etc.

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