What I found, what I leave: a month in the Bastola Family

It’s difficult for me to write and appropriate review about my one month experience here in Amrit Kunja farm. I will try to do my best.
First off all: what I leave and what I will miss the most.
– The goats and the buffalos, especially when they speak loudly
– Preparing the delicious home-made buffalo butter
– Cutting the vegetables in the morning, near the kitchen Firenze, with Sister and Mum
– Eating the dalhbaat with my hands
– Drink buffalo milk tea more then 4 times day
– Giving water to the vegetables, especially to the cawliflowers  I planted  (it’s a good form of meditation)
– Playing chess matches in the evening with brother Jeeban
– Sleeping outside and see the sunrise every morning from my bed
– Walking everywhere with the sandals
– Hearing insects and birds speaking a misterious language
– Listening to Dad song
– Calling Nani and Babu and have fun with them
– Being called Raju

On second hand, what me and brother Jeeban Bastola recognized as our Revolution. Becouse we think that also the smallest seed of millet can start the Change.
– The straw revolution
– The manure revolution
– The Rudrakhsya revolution
– The firecamp revolution
– The pond revolution
– The Poon hill revolution
– The millet revolution
– The honey revolution

I will never forget a single moment spent in this farm. The beauty is here inside




This farm is really an heaven of peace.

Hi !
It was our first experience of agrovolunteers and What a surprise, we spent 2 wonderful weeks. This farm is really an heaven of peace. We learnt so many things ! All the members of the bastola family are amazing. We were like at home. Family bastola is our nepalese family. We really enjoy the time at the farm. Sure, we will come back !
Gita and sita (Gabrielle and pauline)