My time at Amrit Kunj Organic Permaculture Farm. was simply incredible. The family are such warm and welcoming people. They really treat you as their own. I really felt part of the family, so I do miss being there very much. There are so many positive things to say, so many reasons to visit this wonderful place. The farm itself is amazing. Such a variety of plants and opportunities to learn about organic farming. The food was not only the best I had in Nepal but some of the best food I have ever had. The farm is close to Begnas Lake which is a great place to swim on warm days.
So I not only highly recommend visiting, I will say that if you want to have an experience on a permaculture farm and the Nepali culture then don’t miss out on coming here. It was not only a wonderful experience for me, it was life changing. The outlook Jeeban has about life, organic living and creating a strong family unit has inspired me. He is full of love and light. When you are there you will feel the love, peace and positive energy flowing.

James Wilson