The best experience of Nepal

My stay with you have been simply PERFECT. The hospitality and love recived was amazing.. really thank you ALL. I want to thanks especially to the two strong woman of the family to whom I comnected so much, you really inspired me Ama and Visnu!
I will recommend this experience to everybody that have the beautiful opportunity of visiting Nepal because for me was one of the best part of my trip.

Lots of love from Spain,
Estel / Tara Sister.

Integration, immersion and warmth

Our stay at Amrit Kunja was amazing from start to finish. When we first arrived we were greeted so warmly and we immediately felt welcome. The first thing we did was tour the farm where a huge amount of different fruits and vegetables are grown. These vegetables form the basis of the meals eaten at the farm, all organic, all natural and all cooked in their traditional mud kitchen by Ama and sister (Vishnu).
Throughout our stay we were integrated into all activities and we felt like a part of the family.
The most special part of the stay was during Dashain festival which we were very fortunate to be around for. We ate goat which was reared and slaughtered on the farm in a very humane way. The festival itself was beautiful and we met many family members and locals from the village. We drank tea, ate special foods and played on enormous bamboo swings. Both myself and my partner felt very privileged to be involved so closely in this families festivities.
I have nothing but good things to say about this stay and I hope to return in the future to spend more time with my Nepali family.

Jack and Lucy

My time at Amrit Kunja

I spent 12 days at Amrit Kunja. I had an absolutely wonderful and introspective experience. My time on the farm allowed me to see my own mind very clearly, simply because of the peace exuded by the family and natural beauty. This is a very unique experience that I am not sure you can mind much else. I you find yourself needing the western luxuries found in the tourist areas of Nepal, this experience in not for you. However, if you want an amazing cultural experience in which you are immersed in Nepali culture and a wonderful family, come to Amrit Kunja and experience what it has to offer.
Jack Korfhage

3 Day Stay with Lovely Nepalese Family

My girlfriend and I stayed for 3 days with Jeeban and his wonderful family. They were extremely kind and hospitable. This is a great oppurtunity to learn about farming and permaculture. We also learned so much about Nepalese culture from language to religion and lifestyle. Please do not expect a fancy place with wifi or white glove service. This is mainly an oppurtunity to learn how real Nepalese people live on a daily basis.

Ako at ang aking kasintahan ay nanatili sa loob ng 3 araw kasama ang Jeeban at ang kanyang kahanga-hangang pamilya. Sila ay lubhang mabait at mapagpatuloy. Ito ay isang mahusay na oppurtunity upang malaman ang tungkol sa pagsasaka at permaculture. Natutunan din namin ang tungkol sa kultura ng Nepal mula sa wika sa relihiyon at pamumuhay. Mangyaring huwag asahan ang isang magarbong lugar na may wifi o white glove service. Ito ay higit sa lahat ng isang oppurtunity upang malaman kung paano ang tunay na Nepalese tao nakatira sa isang pang-araw-araw na batayan.

Harland McGee

Una semana en la granja/A week in the farm

Decidí ir a la granja de Jeeban Bastola porque una conocida me dió el contacto. El acceso desde Begnas tal es fácil y con vistas al lago. Se puede hacer tanto a pie o en bus. Cuando llegué a la granja la familia me recibió muy gentil y Jeeban me introdujo a la granja durante ese mismo dia explicandome las plantas/árboles que tienen y dándome a probar algunas de sua plantas medicinales. Mi principal razón del voluntariado era iniciarme,aprender y ayudar en todo lo que conlleva el mantenimiento de una granja pero desafortunadamente no es temporada de sembrado ni tampoco de recolecta por lo que el trabajo en la granja fue nulo. Recomiendo que antes de ir a un voluntariado de agricultura os informeis con antelación de cuando es la estación correcta o de las actividades que realizareis durante el periodo del voluntariado para evitar una decepción con respecto a ese punto. En mi caso, decidí quedarme unos días para explorar el area, conocer más sobre la cultura Nepalí, intentar aprender siu lengua e involucrarme en su vida diaria ayudando en todo lo posible. La familia de Jeeban siempre me trató muy bien y la libertad de hacer a tu antojo es 100% completa. En definitiva, durante temporada baja, si tu objetivo no está focalizado en aprender agricultura, puedes disfrutar de: una tranquila estancia en una autentica familia Nepalí, de sus costumbres, de su comida y por supuesto de crear un vínculo estrecho,pudiendo incluso sentirte uno más en la familia. Estoy muy agradecida por la experiencia que Jeeban y su fanilia me brindaron durante 6 días!


Back to the Roots

After some time in the city of pokhara, i arrived in this rural and truly beautiful place. I stayed only 9days at jeebans farm, but can say i would have loved to stay longer. Unfortunately i had to go, but i will take only good memories from shyankodi back.  Everyone in jeebans family was just great, loved the food, the company and the hard work 🙂 Scaring monkeys away, seeing the biggest snake, i’ve ever seen in wildlife and eating plants for no reason, climbing trees and hustling with thousands of fire ants. All great experiences! Because it was off-season there was not so many to harvest. Mostly preparing things to lay the foundations for future projects. If you like to have a look into a traditional Nepali farm and Nepali family, i can really reommend jeebans farm. They happy for every help and welcome you like you a family member. Thanks for everything! See you soon!

Marc Grabwski


Incredible, authentic experience!

My boyfriend and I stayed on Jeeban and his family’s farm and it was truly a unique and amazing place. 

The stay was simple and traditional, and the farm itself was very peaceful. We learned about permaculture and organic farming. The moment we got to the farm, Jeeban took us around and as we walked the farm, we sampled all their delicious vegetables and herbs as he identified medical properties and other common uses. A couple days later, as my boyfriend cut grass, I foraged the farm with Jeeban’s mother for a dinner we later cooked. We were encouraged to help ourselves to whatever we liked and explore the picturesque hillside leading down to the lake below.

Jeeban and his family offer a unique insight into traditional Nepali farm and family lifestyle. While amenities are simple, Jeeban and his family are welcoming and generous people who made us feel at home immediately and their warmth and generosity will not be soon forgotten. We were sorry to leave, but we hope to come again. Thank you Jeeban and thank you to your beautiful family. We will never forget you or the incredible experiences we shared.

Katie and Luke

Lovely stay with Nepalese family

We spent two weeks with my ten year old daughter wwoofing at the place, in december 2017. We both enjoyed very much the simple life and the beauty of the surroundings. I loved spending time in the kitchen and also watering the plants in the garden. ALso sitting around the fire at night when it was cold…. There is definitely a lot to learn, about medicinal plants if you have an interest, about permaculture and gardening, about traditional life, and also about traditional delicious fire cooking…. Thank you again for the time we spent with you. Hopefully see you again 🙂

Two weeks discovering Nepalese culture, Nepalese agriculture in family.

Nous avons passé une quinzaine de jours à la ferme amrit kunja. Une quinzaine de jours à découvrir la culture népalaise, l’agriculture népalaise en famille ; car c’est vraiment ce dont il est question : la famille de Jeeban nous a accueillis comme membres à part entière de leur famille.
Nous sommes malheureusement arrivés pendant la période creuse au cours de laquelle il n’y avait pas beaucoup de travaux agricoles à faire; néanmoins nous avons appris énormément en termes de petits gestes du quotidien.
La ferme amrit kunja est située dans les hauteurs surplombant un vaste terrain. On chemine au gré des roupanies occupés par le potager, plantes médicinales, diverses variétés d’arbres. C’est plein de couleurs, d’oiseaux, de papillons, de vie en somme!
Un grand merci pour ce moment d’échange au cours duquel la valeur des rapports humains nous a sincèrement fait du bien.

We have spent approximately two weeks in Amrit Kunja farm. Two weeks discovering nepalese culture, nepalese agriculture in family. That is indeed the case Jeeban’s family heartly welcomed us as members of their family.
We came unfortunately during the wrong time meaning that there was not much agricultural work to do. However we have learned a lot in terms of simple and daily gestures.
Amrit Kunja farm is located uphill facing a large land. One can walk through roupanies where vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers, many varieties of trees grow. It is full of colors, smells, birds, butterflies: simply full of life…
We are grateful to the family for the human relationship we have discovered living with them.


Peaceful time in an organic family home

We are a British-Vietnamese couple. We stayed at Amrit Kunja farm for a week. Jeeban and his family made us very welcome and we felt part of the family almost immediately. There is a happy and active feeling at the farm, with three generations including the healthy and happy children. Their permaculture project is impressive, and we could have learned a lot if we had spent more time there. The mix of tree species, vegetables, medicinal plants and pepper vines create a productive system which is also friendly to wildlife, especially birds. Although we arrived in winter, a quiet time for farm work, we were still able to take part in building a new house, cooking traditional Nepali food, and helping with household tasks. This left us plenty of time to explore. The village of Syankudi and the surrounding area are peaceful and beautiful. Wildlife is abundant and there is easy access to hills with breathtaking mountain views. People in the area are relaxed, friendly and helpful, and traditional culture is strong. We would love to come back next time we are in Nepal.

Michael and Mai Linh