I stayed in the Kunja farm during a week (end of December). It was my first experience as a volunteer and it was amazing.
First, Jeeban responded to my request in an hour and I reached the farm the next day.
Here, I have been welcomed as a family member. I shared every meals and the daily life with the Bastola family. It was so interesting. I learnt about permaculture, the traditional nepali food (Ama, the mother is a great cooker !), many aspects of the nepali culture.
Also the farm is located in a beautiful place which is very quiet at night.
Concerning the daily work, I worked with Jeeban and other volunteers in a field. Mainly, we cleaned the field and made holes. Jeeban insisted a lot on the fact that the work can be done slowly because there was no hurry. Basically, I worked around 2 hours per day which is quite acceptable, I think. But it was winter season so there was not too much work.
Also, the life in the farm is very simple. Don’t expect wifi (buy a sim card and some data) or hot water for shower (but it’s very warm so it was okay with cold water). The morning, you wake up before 9 for the first lunch.
If you want to see more reviews, Jeeban is also on Wwoofing and he has a website.
Finally, it was an amazing experience into the nepali culture and I thank you again the entire Bastola family members.


Thibaud Millotte