My boyfriend and I stayed on Jeeban and his family’s farm and it was truly a unique and amazing place. 

The stay was simple and traditional, and the farm itself was very peaceful. We learned about permaculture and organic farming. The moment we got to the farm, Jeeban took us around and as we walked the farm, we sampled all their delicious vegetables and herbs as he identified medical properties and other common uses. A couple days later, as my boyfriend cut grass, I foraged the farm with Jeeban’s mother for a dinner we later cooked. We were encouraged to help ourselves to whatever we liked and explore the picturesque hillside leading down to the lake below.

Jeeban and his family offer a unique insight into traditional Nepali farm and family lifestyle. While amenities are simple, Jeeban and his family are welcoming and generous people who made us feel at home immediately and their warmth and generosity will not be soon forgotten. We were sorry to leave, but we hope to come again. Thank you Jeeban and thank you to your beautiful family. We will never forget you or the incredible experiences we shared.

Katie and Luke