Our stay at Amrit Kunja was amazing from start to finish. When we first arrived we were greeted so warmly and we immediately felt welcome. The first thing we did was tour the farm where a huge amount of different fruits and vegetables are grown. These vegetables form the basis of the meals eaten at the farm, all organic, all natural and all cooked in their traditional mud kitchen by Ama and sister (Vishnu).
Throughout our stay we were integrated into all activities and we felt like a part of the family.
The most special part of the stay was during Dashain festival which we were very fortunate to be around for. We ate goat which was reared and slaughtered on the farm in a very humane way. The festival itself was beautiful and we met many family members and locals from the village. We drank tea, ate special foods and played on enormous bamboo swings. Both myself and my partner felt very privileged to be involved so closely in this families festivities.
I have nothing but good things to say about this stay and I hope to return in the future to spend more time with my Nepali family.

Jack and Lucy