Much love and gratitude to the Bastola’s at Amrit Kunj!

If you are currently in Nepal, or happen to find yourself here in the future, do yourself a huge favour and come visit or stay at Amrit Kunj Organic Permaculture Farm.

It is the most beautiful family owned farm looking out over Begnas Tal lake. I have been completely blown away by the warmth and love in this home. I have only been here a few days now but have been completely welcomed as part of the family and feel so at home. For anyone wishing to learn more about natural farming, medicinal plants, Nepali language and culture, the best Nepali cooking, and just life in general, make your way over.

Julian Bloch



Majhthana Village: Travel and Homestay Information

Majhthana Village

The area of Majhthana lies to the east of Pokhara, it is a town and Village Development Committee (VDC) in the Kaski District, in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. It is about 8 kilometres via public bus from Pokhara.

At 1,180 metres above sea level, Majhthana is a mixture of beautifully landscaped agricultural terraces and forested areas. To the south lays the impressive freshwater Begnas Lake, the second largest lake in the Pokhara Valley.

Attractions and activities
Majhthana is a jewel for anyone seeking peace and quiet in a beautiful village. The Begna Lake provides options for fishing, boating and picnicking. There is also a permaculture farm in Majhthana that uses sustainable architecture, regenerative habitat and an agricultural system modeled from the natural ecosystem.

Hiking in the area provides an opportunity to see rural Nepal and there are many nice views from Majhthana over the valley to Lake Begnas.

Local life
Most people’s main occupation in the area is agriculture and some people have a business. Like many regions in rural Nepal, people also leave to seek work in other countries.

The VDC has one secondary school and two primary level schools.

Majhthana has a range of festival celebrations during the year including Dashain, Tinar, Teej, Loshar, and Janaipurnima. People in the area believe in Hinduism or Buddhism.

How to get there
Buses run approximately every three hours from Pokhara and if convenience is a priority, taxis are available from Pokhara that take about 20 minutes

Family Bastola
Head of Family: Surya mohan Bastola (9846323544,9846445298)
Contact Family Member Surya mohan Bastola or Sitadevi Bastola
Ward No 6 Tole Shayankhudi
In the six-member family they have two people able to speak English. They have a toilet, bathroom and water facilities. One son and a daughter-in-law both have jobs and another son has gone abroad to work. Surya Mohan and his wife work on an organic agricultural farm.