Our farm was started in 1987 by my parents and was the exemplary organic Permaculture of its kind in Western Development Region, Nepal. We have welcomed volunteers for 10 years from over 30 different countries around the world. As my family continues our work on the farm we maintain our traditional Nepali lifestyle. Our farm is in a small rural town with many simple pleasures. The farm is a peaceful but secluded place as we are surrounded by natural beauty. Our farm has always been a family farm and has kept traditional facilities. Life is beautifully simple here. It is by no mean a luxurious resort but we continue to welcome volunteers or interested travelers who would like to stay with our family and experience simple Nepali life on an Organic Permaculture farm. One of the unique aspects of our farm is that we have managed to combine traditional Nepalese farming methods and knowledge with new and experimental approaches. Although we are first and foremost a fully functioning and producing organic Permaculture farm, we are also a center for growth, personal development, learning, shearing and experiencing a new way of life.

We warmly open our gates and hearts to all travelers, students and volunteers who would like to learn about authentic organic Permaculture farming, the identification and use of medicinal and other edible plants, Nepalese language and culture, as well as the best Nepalese organic food. You are always most welcome here. Home is where the heart is.

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